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Probation for teachers in Non-Droichead Primary schools

Traditional process for addressing post-qualification professional practice conditions in a primary school (Probation)

From September 2019, teachers working in special education (SET) settings or in a primary school with an administrative principal must avail of the Droichead process to gain full registration with the Teaching Council. The school's eligibility should be determined by the staffing schedule contained in the relevant Department of Education and Skills (DES) circular.  Full information on this process is available on the Teaching Council's website under Droichead. If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact the Teaching Council directly. Probation by the Inspectorate will not be possible in such schools.

A primary teacher can undertake the probationary process through the traditional method when employed as a mainstream class teacher in a school other than those referred to above as long as the school is not registered for Droichead.  Employment in a permanent, temporary or substitute capacity is eligible, where the teacher is teaching all 11 subjects of the Primary School Curriculum, including Irish, to a mainstream class of pupils from junior infants to sixth class (single or multi-grade) for the entire school day.  Only paid employment is reckonable.

Since 3 October 2016, internship schemes such as JobBridge and similar such schemes that may be commenced in the future are no longer accepted as eligible settings for probation, post-qualification employment and Droichead.  Please see section 1.5 of the Teaching Council's Post-qualification Professional Practice Procedures and Criteria 2019/20 document for more information on non-State-funded positions.

To have his or her professional competence evaluated to satisfy the Council’s post-qualification professional practice requirements through the traditional process, a teacher must make an application for inspection using the Form OP1.

Applications for inspection must be made electronically and as soon as a teacher commences service in a post that will last for a period of at least 50 consecutive school days. Where a teacher commences eligible employment a maximum of five working days will be allowed to submit a completed application.  The date on which LEC receives a completed Form OP1 or the first date of employment, whichever is the later, will be used when determining the 50/100-day period. Every effort is made to ensure that all eligible teachers who make an application for inspection will be inspected in that school year. Teachers must be available for inspection on any day of the 50/100 day period. Notification of pre-planned absences should be forwarded well in advance to the relevant inspector.  Where an unforeseen absence occurs, the Principal or Deputy Principal should inform the inspector immediately.

The criteria used in the inspection of the work of teachers for probationary and registration purposes in primary schools is outlined here.

Teachers are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with Section 3.1 of the procedures and criteria document prior to submitting Form OP1.
(See Probationary Teachers tab for link to this document or go to the Teaching Council's website directly under Publications) 


Should you wish to contact Limerick Education Centre with any queries on Probation, you can contact Jenny Delaney on email at or 061 585060 ext 4

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