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Criteria used in the inspection of the work of teachers for probationary and registration purposes in primary schools

Planning, preparation and recording of progress
The NQT demonstrates engagement with long and short-term planning in line with school policies (e.g. assessment and other relevant teaching and learning policies) and the primary school curriculum under the following criteria:  

  • Develops an adequate  class timetable referenced to the specified minimum weekly time framework in the Primary School Curriculum and the recommendations included in Circular 56/2011[1]
  • Provides clear and suitable teaching and learning objectives with due regard to the Primary School Curriculum and the School Plan
  • Prepares an appropriate range of resources
  • Plans for differences in pupil abilities, backgrounds and learning styles
  • Maintains  good quality progress records

Classroom management and organisation
The NQT demonstrates good classroom management skills under the following criteria:

  • Promotes good behaviour through the use of appropriate behaviour management systems
  • Cultivates a caring relationship with pupils (including use of praise and positive feedback)
  • Provides an attractive learning environment (layout, quality of display including pupils’ work, interest centres etc.)
  • Uses  resources effectively
  • Manages SNA support in the classroom context (where appropriate)

Quality of teaching across curriculum areas
The NQT demonstrates a satisfactory commitment to quality teaching under the following criteria:

  • Practises independently through the provision of support, guidance and motivation to pupils towards the achievement of quality learning outcomes
  • Utilises an  appropriate range of teaching methods, resources and assessment techniques
  • Covers an appropriate range of material
  • Provides for differences in pupil abilities, backgrounds, learning styles with particular reference to attention levels and receptiveness of pupils
  • Demonstrates  good communication skills
  • Structures and paces lessons appropriately
  • Ensures regard for continuity and progression

Quality of pupils’ learning in curriculum areas
The NQT demonstrates a satisfactory commitment to quality learning under the following criteria:

  • Ensures that the pupils are on task and working purposefully
  • Enables pupils to demonstrate appropriate knowledge of material covered, skills and attitudes
  • Ensures that the quality of pupils’ learning outcomes is good.

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