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Limerick Education Centre - Data Protection Update May 2018

A new data protection regulation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into effect on 25 May 2018. The GDPR is Europe's new framework for data protection laws and it applies to all organisations that are based in the EU.

The following is an outline of our approach to how we collect and process personal data at Limerick Education Centre.  We want to make clear to all Limerick Education Centre service users what their data rights are with respect to knowing:

a) what data Limerick Education Centre collects on its service users;
b) what Limerick Education Centre does with user data; and
c) how to obtain a census of what data Limerick Education Centre holds on you as a service user.
The answers to these questions are outlined below:

a) Limerick Education Centre holds information on its service users that was given to us by our clients when registering for a course or provided to us on participant attendance forms (name, teaching council number, e-mail address, mobile number); much of this information is provided voluntarily to us by our clients (teachers and other learners) when they registered with us via our website and established a user account

Limerick Education Centre holds information given to us by our clients for financial purposes. For some national programmes, teachers and other learners complete Expense Claims. Our tutors complete expense claims for courses delivered. We retain information for processing these claims (expense details, bank details, PPS numbers, home address, school address, email, phone number and receipts); e-mails and correspondence; details of financial transactions made, for example course fee payments taken

b) These data are used for the following purposes, event registration, attendance rolls, details of course participants; communicating with course participants, tutors and other service users, for managing course payments; for compliance with the Department of Education & Skills’ requests for information; for Health and Safety records and legally-binding accounting purposes (e.g. knowing to whom Limerick Education Centre has paid expenses, when, and how much has been paid); e-mail addresses and contacts necessary for administering and carrying out Limerick Education Centre projects and centre business.

c) Limerick Education Centre communicates with our clients (schools, principals, teachers and Special Needs Assistants) through our newsletter. This newsletter is sent to the schools and our various clients on our database via email. When we created this database, our clients were invited to subscribe. Each newsletter provides the option for our schools and other clients to unsubscribe from our mailing list.

If any Limerick Education Centre service user would like further clarification on what data are kept on them personally, or, moreover, if any service user would simply like us to delete and dispose of any information we have on them, you can get in touch with us at Please note, that Limerick Education Centre will process such a request within legal parameters within 30 days.

Finally, please note that Limerick Education Centre payments received as part of course fees are handled by third party banking websites, so we do not have any members’ credit/debit card details at all; nor does Limerick Education Centre analyse the cookie information that may be gathered on our website, nor do we sell any information on, nor do we give any information we have to third parties unless legally obliged to do so or unless the Education Centre network has a working relationship with relevant organisations for the provision of courses and projects. For specific courses or projects operated in collaboration with relevant organisation, such as support services, the Limerick Education Centre protects the devices such data are stored upon, and is obligated to report to its service users any data breaches perpetrated.

How can I book myself on a course?

Please note it is essential to register on this website first in order to book your place on our courses.

When registering please use your personal email rather the school email.

You can then login using your email address or username and password and book your course.

Once registered check your email and look out for the email "Limerick Education Centre CPD Courses - Your details"

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