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Hunt Museum - Primary - John Hunt, Collector & Archaelogist


John Hunt - Collector and Archaeologist

Primary School Programme

Location: online/zoom

Availability: September - June

Suitability: 3rd & 4th class

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: Free

The Hunt Museum Collection speaks of John Hunt`s curiosity about the world he lived in, ancient cultures, archaeology, art and fine craftsmanship.

In this live, online, taster workshop learners will virtually access the world of John Hunt through archival photographs, Collection images and short animations. They will develop a broad understanding of the types of objects he collected, where he sourced them, as well as the impact he made in the field of Irish archaeology while living in Lough Gur.

Curricular Links

History: Working as a historian; Stories from the lives of people in the past

Science: Working Scientifically; Materials

Geography: A sense of place and space; Maps, globes & geographical skills; Human Environments


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