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Hunt Museum - Primary - 'Night's Candles Are Burnt Out'


Primary School Exhibition STEAM Programme

Workshop duration:  2.5 hours (including short break)

Availability: 21st September 2023 - 29th of February 2024

Suitable for 3rd to 6th classes

Cost: €3.50 per pupil. Teachers go free.

Booking is Essential.

Email  or call 061 312 833

The Hunt Museum’s newest exhibition ‘Night’s Candles Are Burnt Out’ speaks to our young people’s deepest concerns for their planet and the urgent need to take action to protect it.

Starting with the Shannon Hydroelectric Scheme at Ardnacrusha, this interactive exhibition brings learners on a journey of electrical revolution in Ireland. Looking to the future, it also highlights the central role that renewable energy technologies must play in tackling climate change.  This exhibition is a call-to-action, inspiring learners to find simple ways to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Learners will:

●     Interact with objects to understand what Ireland was like prior to electrification.

●     Use creative thinking strategies to : 

  • explore Sean Keating’s artwork Night’s Candles are Burnt Out, uncovering the story and impact of the Shannon HydroElectric Scheme at Ardnacrusha
  • analyze adverts from the ESB archive including who they targeted, and the positive impact electricity had on daily life.

●     Investigate our energy consumption and how it has contributed to climate change.

●     Work as part of a team to identify simple actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

●     Design a campaign poster encouraging their peers to join in action.

Curricular Links

SPHE -Myself & The Wider World -Media Education

Geography -Environmental Awareness & Care -Caring for my local environment

Science - Environmental Awareness & Care - Science & The Environment

Maths - Data - Recognising & Interpreting Data

Visual Art - Paint & Colour -Painting


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