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Blue Star Programme

blue star programmeIn 2019, a number of partners from Limerick came together and decided to plan a unique exploration of the importance of the European Union to its people of Limerick and vice versa and so the European Expo was born! A series of online and virtual events, conferences, exhibitions, seminars celebrating national and European culture and cooperation, with Belonging, the European Investment Bank Art Exhibition, at its core.

And fortuitously, it tied in wonderfully to the launch of the new Limerick Brand - Atlantic Edge/European Embrace. The European Expo showcases Irish and EU cultures, through education, culture, sport, economics, entertainment and information. It takes the form of exhibitions detailing the work of the EU institutions, debates on the big issues facing the EU, our region and of course fun, participatory events highlighting the common ties which bind us together.

The European Expo was created out of a desire to use art and culture to unite citizens and to demonstrate how working together, we are better than when we strive alone. It is a call out to future generations to look towards Europe and find ways of solving global issues around climate, migration, nationalism, finance, culture and economics. If you have an event taking place in your classroom or school which relates to Europe and these topics, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us about your event on and check out our website: for more European events.

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